How it works

Our buyers are on staff  Monday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

No appointment necessary.



We offer a free in-home pick up service. We are in and out in very little time and pay on the spot for your items. No consignment or waiting period for your items to sell. Today is payday.

 We purchase designer items in current styles and great condition. We are looking for handbags, clothing, shoes and jewelry (costume and fine). We buy everything from Lululemon to Louis Vuitton.  Labels that sell well for us are Tory Burch, Eileen Fischer, Vince, Theory, Rebecca Taylor, St. John, Kate Spade, Prada, Gucci, and similar brands.  We also provide showroom and boutique inventory liquidation. 

 We have been buying and selling authentic luxury for the last 28 years and are nationally recognized as the best designer resale shop in the country.  What sets us apart from other national resellers is that we are family owned and operated, trusted resellers for stylists, celebrities, and women on the go. We are very confidential and we NEVER kiss and tell. We now pick up in over 10 major cities.

We are interested in the following types of items for our store:

  • Items recently purchased, at least within the last two years
  • Clean, in style, excellent condition, and preferably on hangers
  • Designer labels and items from better department stores and boutiques
  • Clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, belts, hats, and accessories
  • Additional items of interest may be applicable
  1. Cash on the Spot – If your items meet our criteria, we can offer you a payment on the spot.
  2. Store Credit – You may choose store credit instead of cash. After all, why not put your dollars back into that stylish wardrobe – especially at our bargain prices!

Seasonal Buying Windows

We have two major seasonal buying schedules. Use this as a general guide for when to bring in your fashion items:

Spring-Summer: January through July

Fall-Winter: August through December

100% Authenticity Guaranteed

At The Vault Luxury Resale, we share your passion for designer fashions. In fact, so much so that we’ve completed extensive training to ensure we’re never fooled by fakes. We’ve worked with experts in Singapore that specialize in uncovering fakes in the impostor export business. We’ve received training from design house representatives to accurately identify their high-end brands. And after over 25 years of buying and selling designer items, we’ve seen it all.

All of our designer fashions are guaranteed authentic. Several members of our staff inspect each item before it is accepted and put into inventory. We offer an unconditional 100% refund on any item that can be proved to be a fake. Our reputation depends on honesty and we stand behind our promise—because we care about authentic, high-quality fashion as much as you.