The Vault Boutique

What’s New In The Vault Boutique

Did you know we curate most of our costume jewelry the same as any retail boutique would? We find treasures from New York, California, and many places in between. Here is what we brought back from the last trip to New York.

We Just received a new order from St. Louis based Tru Candle Studio. Along with reordering Avocado Sea Salt and Green Tea Lemongrass, we ordered four new scents: Shoreline, Lavender, Grapefruit Mangosteen, and Summer in St Lou.

We just restocked our Knit Tissue Ponchos. This best seller is lightweight, breathable, and perfect for packing and traveling. Colors available: white, gray, copper tan, fuchsia, burgundy, black, and cyan blue.

We just restocked our statement mugs. In addition to reordering the popular “Beyonce, Mother Theresa, and More Issues Than Vogue”, we also ordered these five new statements. Sip and Enjoy.